Looking Glass Gems

Providing beautiful crystal rhinestones with maximum sparkle!

A small, family owned business manufactures all of our products. They make rhinestones exclusively for Looking Glass Gems!

We are committed to providing our clients beautiful, affordable rhinestones for creative design.

Our rhinestones are always faceted crystal and our associates work closely with our manufacturer to maintain high quality standards.

Our rhinestones are nearly indistinguishable to their brand name counterparts when compared side-by-side.

About Our Crystal Rhinestones Gross Measurements

Customers buy most of our products by the “Gross” measurement. One Gross=144 pieces. Employees weigh our Gross measurements and they cannot be hand counted. As a result, the numbers are approximate, though generally very accurate. Packages can be off by a couple of pieces either more or less 144 pieces, but likely if you are a few rhinestones short in one gross, it will make up for itself in another.


Wholesale pricing is available! Please email us for details or if you have any other questions about our crystal rhinestones. Lookingglassgems@gmail.com

Shipping Policy

We process all orders within 2 business days. We generally use USPS First Class with tracking.